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  • We're baaaaaaaaack!

    Well, OK - not back, as such, as we never really left. But I'll admit that due to RL taking it's toll I haven't been giving the Tavern Gamers site a whole lot of love. With that in mind, both Nicki and I have:
    • Upgraded the system software to the latest version, which at the time of writing is 5.4.1. This brings with it a raft of speed and security updates.
    • We've removed the shedload of spam that was dumped onto us, and banned all users who were doing it. This is likely related to the above item - as our software was so old, spammers could defeat the anti-spam measures all too easily
    • Updated the server software on the backendm ranging from Ubuntu Server to Plesk, and applied all necessary security updates. This includes the latest version of PHP so the site will render better across all devices.
    • Tidied the background databases so that pages will load quicker thanks to the faster response time.
    • Many other little tweaks here and there!
    The site is still secured by HTTPS if it's required, but as some users were having issues with it a while back, it remains options for the time being.
    In all likelihood people won't noticed that much (if anything) has changed; that's the beauty of IT work when it's doing it's thing