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And another issue... auto-logouts

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  • And another issue... auto-logouts

    Nadezhada and I were recently talking about this as we've noticed if one isn't active for just a few minutes you have to log in again. Is there a way to stretch out that time so we're not constantly having to relog in?

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    Hmmmm - I'll take a look at the auto-timeout settings, and see if I can increase the value


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      Hi! I was noticing the same problem still and I have another request. Is there a way to set the page so you remain logged in as long as the window is open (active or not) but require log-in once it has been closed and re-opened?

      I don't want to click off on the "remain logged in" button from my work computer... I don't want anyone else to be able to turn on my work station and open into an active account, but I would like to be able to write a post (between work activities which might mean across an hour or more) without having to copy and paste it around because I've been logged out every few minutes.

      I hope that makes sense. Thank you!