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    Night, always night.

    A few minutes outside of the gardens, there sits a lone butte like hill where dark shadows coalesce. A black wrought iron gate with an adorned ”H” hangs upon its warped hinges at the foot of a winding ascending pathway. Time has not been kind to the grounds. Within the overgrown terrace, curious rock formations lay in ruins, plants laced with thorns as long as claws, barges its way upon the cobblestone walk. Darkness hangs heavy in the air, almost tangible, it seems to grow thicker, pressing as the walk ascends.

    Shadows, always shadows.

    There is a break, through the overgrown jungle like terrace, and there it can be seen. The Victorianesque mansion sits upon the edge of the hill top. As the clouds sluggishly part, revealing the full Ahroun moon. There is a shimmer in the air, and what sounds of a clap of thunder with no lightning. As sudden as the sound rings out, the ink like unnatural shade recedes through the main grounds fronting the house. They stop at the edge of the cliff-side at the foot of a large figure cloaked in a dark black hooded robe, and black leather armor clad leggings, the shimmering of his side stepping through the Umbral plane still echoing behind him. As his robe and jet black braided hair sway in a non existent breeze, the gathered shadows begin to melt back into the robe like a rolling tide. A glint of silver shows over his right deltoid, a skull of liquid like silver etched permanently into his skin, the rest of his upper body glinting with silver etched runes, as he turns out to look over the realm.

    Hunting, always hunting.

    A smile crosses his lips as he runs his tongue over his fanged canines and incisors, being this old has its issues. As he looks up at the moon, his smile deepens. To return on the Full Ahroun moon, the same moon he was born under, a good Omen. No need for his war form for this. He takes a deep breath and brings to his lips a howl deep, fulfilling, and meaningful, a howl that would carry across the realm. He turns and walks toward the front door of the mansion, the curse of shadows he placed upon this estate to hide it from the world begins to lift and rebuild the grounds, as he steps inside the house and the door closes.

    Being this old has its perks. Especially when you are Garou.

    The Elder Ahroun Shadow Lord has returned.